*California state law requires that you are 18years or older to get a tattoo. You must provide valid identification at the time of your tattoo appointment.

Here at Fura Bodyworks we take the pride in making sure our studio operates in a safe and sterile environment.

Feel right at home when you walk in the door with a sense of comfort and friendly customer service. Please ask any questions you may have about the history of tattoos, our sterilization techniques, custom designs, and setting appointments.

Our artists like to explore every aspect of the tattoo process with our clients.

We encourage our clients to consider the best options for longevity of the piece, placement, and design. Each of our artists have a unique style, and all would love to work with the designs you have in mind. Fill free to bring in any photos, images you might have found on the internet, or even a piece of artwork you have drawn to show the artist exactly what you have in mind.

We have our artists portfolios in our lobby which you are encouraged to take a look at. You may also find each of our artist's  auto-biographys and portfolios under Our Team.

Once meeting with an artist, they can provide you with a quote based off of the tattoo design.
Appointments may be necessary due to concept of tattoo and drawing time needed to prepare. Our shop minimum is $85.00, and our hourly rates vary per artist. All appointments require a deposit.

Enjoy the experience of getting a tattoo in a private room!

Walk ins are always welcome!

Please bring a valid photo ID with your name and birth-date. You must be 18 years old to be tattooed.

Tattoo Deposits:

All tattoo appointments require a deposit that is non refundable. All deposits will go towards the price of that tattoo and be redeemed at the end of your tattoo session. All appointments must be rescheduled/ cancelled 48 hours prior appointment date/time and can only be rescheduled once. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a forfeit of the deposit. An additional deposit will be needed to make another appointment.

Please let us know if you will be running late to your appointment. Arriving later than 15 minutes without notice will result in your deposit forfeit and appointment will need to be rescheduled. Deposits may not be transferred between artists.