-Recommended Aftercare Instructions for Tattoos-

1. Leave that bandage alone!!!

With clean hands, remove the bandage AFTER 2 to 3 hours.

Your artist took the care to cover up your new tattoo for a very good reason- To keep air-born bacteria from invading your wound. Yes, as nice as your new tattoo is, it is still a wound. Open flesh is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Leave the bandage on for a minimum of two hours. Excitement of having a new tattoo will make you want to remove the bandage so you can show your friends, but they will need to wait until later. Show some pictures you took!

DO NOT RE-BANDAGE your tattoo after you have removed the initial one your tattoo artist placed.

2. You will want to wash your tattoo. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap like Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap to gently remove any ointment, blood/ plasma, to completely clean the area. DO NOT use a washcloth or anything abrasive. Your hand is the best tool is your hand in this case. If your tattoo feels slimy and slippery, you have probably been oozing plasma. Try to gently remove as much of this as possible. When the plasma dries on the skin surface, it creates scabs.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

4. DO NOT RUB, but PAT dry the area firmly with a CLEAN towel or paper towel to get it completely dry.

5. Follow with a very light application of Aquaphor or a recommended aftercare product by the artist. Apply a thin layer of this ointment (enough to cover the tattoo, but not saturate it). You want your tattoo to breath, but remain moisturized with the ointment and not dry out.

Continue steps 2 through 5 for the next 3 days after you received your tattoo. 

After 3 days, DISCONTINUE THE OINTMENT and start using a small amount of a non-dyed, fragrance free lotion for at least 2 weeks. Try not to let the tattoo dry out. (Ex: Lubriderm)

-DO NOT  TOUCH YOUR TATTOO WITH DIRTY HANDS! Always wash your hands prior to touching your tattoo.


-When sleeping at night, it is good to use fresh clean clothes and sheets for the first few days your tattoo is healing. If you wake up in the morning and notice your tattoo is "stuck" to your clothes, DO NOT PULL OFF THE CLOTHING DRY! First, moisten it thoroughly with water so that the clothing will not "pull" off any of the fresh ink from your tattoo. This can usually happen in the first couple of days so be cautious.

- Monitor the progress of your tattoo closely for signs of infection. Infections are rare, however if you suspect that you are having problems with your tattoo, you should seek advice from your artist and your physician. Signs of infection are prolonged soreness, swelling, pain, excessive redness and/or a yellow or green discharge. Always seek advice BEFORE ever trying to treat the problem yourself. If you have further questions about your tattoo, you can call us anytime for advice.

After your tattoo has healed, use a sunscreen SPF35 or higher to ensure long lasting color!

Remember to NEVER re-bandage, pick, or scratch your new tattoo!

Enjoy and give us a call if you have any questions or concerns!